2019 Mercedes Benz G-Class Redesign Is Stunning and More Capable

2019 Mercedes Benz G-Class Redesign Is Stunning and More Capable

In 1972, Mercedes-Benz G-class originated as military vehicle and became publicly available in 1972. Over years, G-Wagen has evolved just like other cars. For 2019, some serious updates are claimed to be experienced in the Mercedes-Benz G-class.

Gets warm interior updates

Interior of G-class has been surprisingly basic considering its price. However, the 2019 version will see serious cabin upgrades with new digital widescreen cockpit. New interior features include updated centre console, Latest version of COMAND controller, and touch-sensitive pad. Updated interior gains shoulder, elbow, and leg room in 1st and 2nd rows [5.9” bump] due to the increase of 1.6” wheelbase length.

Visual exterior design

Box outline is the same but features a revised headlight design and grille. There are many new parts making new Mercedes G Class 154 pounds lighter with 34” stiffer frame. To smooth the stiff ride, there is an independent suspension feature added.

New 9-speed auto-transmission

New G-class version features twin turbo charged 4L V8 generating 416hp and 450pound/feet of torque.  Drive mode selector enables you to select from sport, individual, comfort, or eco modes with exclusive tuning for throttle response and transmission shift mapping.

Offers M-mode

Besides the standard modes, updated G-class offers a ‘G-mode’ that can be activated at any time on one of the 3 differentials or when low range rev is engaged. In G-mode, the steering, gearing, and accelerator gets tuned to optimize the off-road driving. Adaptive Damping system also gets retuned for off-road performance.

Powerful machine

Updated Mercedes G claims to accelerate from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, which is 0.9 seconds fast than its previous model. Top speed on route is 137 miles/hour, which you can raise to 149 miles/hour choosing optional Driver’s Package.

Enhanced capabilities

To help adjust G-mode, both approach and break-over angle are enhanced. The G-class now has capability to wade through 27.6” water. There is an increase of 3.9” than its previous model.

Standard features included are –

  • 64 color ambient lighting
  • A sunroof
  • 3 COMAND Display
  • Steering wheel along with Touch Control buttons
  • Pre-safe system
  • Attention assist
  • Keyless Go & Keyless-Start

The 2019 G-Class is claimed to be the start of all-new generation for a renowned off-road monster. It is on the verge of making a new design debut but still retains its iconic elements that cater specific purposes as well as offer this SUV a distinctive appearance. The 2019 G-Class is said to be more powerful, capable, and stunning than the original. Its price has not been announced but will be launched for sale after some months.